Sign language interpretation

We provide deaf interpreters (specialized in sign languages) for all kinds of contexts, including special events, meetings, conventions, workshops, presentations, health, social and legal services. All in person or remotely. We provide ASL-LSQ interpretation, linguistic intermediary (specialized in sign languages), LSQT interpretation for the deafblind and sign language to sign language interpretation. We also offer LSQ-French and ASL-English interpreting.
We ensure that our services are inclusive, allowing clients to access real-time information in the language of their choice.

We offer professional development workshops for deaf and hearing interpreters.


Professional sign language coaching

We offer sign language specialist services for film sets, including translation from French to LSQ or from English to ASL. We ensure that such translations are clear and accurate. Our sign language specialists will provide the signer with advice, feedback, and support throughout the shoot, including post-production.

TraduSigne offers a complete professional support service that is a reference in the field of linguistic consultation for filming. Our team will help you translate your project in an appropriate and professional manner.