Deaf Interpreting

We provide Deaf interpreting services in various settings including special events, meetings, conferences, workshops, presentations and more. More specifically, we provide ASL-LSQ interpreting, Deaf interpreting, tactile interpreting for the Deaf-blind, and SL-SL interpreting services. We ensure that our services are inclusive and allows our clients to access all information in real time in the language of their choice. 

We provide Professional Development Training for Deaf Interpreters and Sign Language Interpreters. We also conduct Qualification Assessment for Deaf and hearing interpreters. This also includes Sign Language Assessment for immigrants and Deaf people.  

Training and Assessment

Sign Language Coaching

We provide Sign Language Specialists Services for on-site filming including English to ASL and/or French to LSQ. We ensure that sign language translations are clearly and accurately conveyed accurately according to the scripts. Our sign language specialists will provide advice, coaching, and support to the talent from the beginning and throughout to the end of the filming, including post-production.  

We provide Translation Services for any type of document, whether it be from individuals, organizations, government agencies, small business or large corporations. We ensure the translations are conducted in high quality and use proper terminology for your needs. We can work with any type of business or legal document.