It all began back in 1997 when Alice Dulude, Tradusigne’s founder, made her debut as an ASL-LSQ interpreter for Dr. Patrick Boudreault, who was the owner of Communicasigne, founded in 1996. Dr. Boudreault’s firm was offering various sign language interpreting and translation services across Canada with a strong team of six ASL-LSQ interpreters. Alice stayed with the team until 2002, the year of the firm’s dissolution.

Despite its dissolution, Communicasigne’s clients still required their services, convincing Alice to take over their mission. One thing led to another and she expanded her network while teaching to hearing LSQ interpreting students in their sign language interpreting program at the University of Quebec at Montreal.

During the same period, she also took two training programs. The first training program was for Deaf interpreters, provided by Ontario Interpreting Services. The second one was in entrepreneurship, funded by the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport (Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sports) through their Women’s Program. The former was provided by the Association des femmes handicapées de Montréal (Association of Disabled Women of Montreal) as well as by Status of Women Canada.

TraduSigne is born

Once that training was completed, Alice founded Tradusigne, a versatile business that provides various services in four languages—LSQ, ASL, French and English. A few years later, in 2014, Tradusigne along with Cineall (their long-standing business partner) moved into a bigger office in order to be able to meet the growing demand.

Alice signed up for a Master’s degree in Sign Language Interpreting at Gallaudet University (from which she graduated in 2017) in order to increase her credibility with her clients and to share her knowledge with her interpreter team. Now, with more demand than ever, Tradusigne manages several contracts while delegating work to their team of 20 ASL-LSQ and Deaf interpreters.

Alice Dulude, an exceptional woman,
passionate and determined.