Welcome to the website of TraduSigne, a company of professional language interpreters. Whether you need an interpreter, text or video translation or training, you are in the right place!


Our mission is to provide several types of services so that Deaf and hard of hearing people can emancipate in society through communicational accessibility.


Through our services, we aspire to make our society a world without barriers, where the deaf and hard of hearing will fully develop just like their hearing peers. TraduSigne: designed to be available, designed to last!

TraduSigne team

Our company is made up of several contractors who are united and dedicated to our objectives. We are a dynamic and versatile team that includes ASL-LSQ interpreters, sign language specialists and qualified translators.

A wide range of services

TraduSigne offers a wide range of services such as :

To learn more, visit the “Come and discover our services” tab. TraduSigne is a versatile company that specializes in the linguistic field, particularly in sign language.