Welcome to the site of TraduSigne, company of professional linguistic interpreters. Whether you need an interpreter, want to become an interpreter or simply pass an assessment on the skill level of your interpretation, you are in the right place!


Our mission is to provide several types of services so that Deaf and hard of hearing people can emancipate in society through communicational accessibility.


Through our services, we aim to make our society a barrier-free place where Deaf and hard of hearing people can grow as much as their hearing counterparts.

The TraduSigne team

The business has an array of contractors who are united and devoted to our mission and who share our vision. Our dynamic team includes several qualified ASL-LSQ interpreters, Deaf interpreters, and translators. In addition, there is another group of interpreters and contractors who are currently undergoing training and will soon be a part of our versatile team.

A wide range of services

TraduSigne offers a wide range of services related to the following areas: Deaf interpreting, Training & Assessment, Sign Language Coaching, and Translation.

Please note that the services provided by the business are not limited to those listed above. Tradusigne sees itself as a versatile business specialized in sign language services.

A novelty at Tradusigne

We are now accepting requests to book an LSQ and ASL interpreter !